Herbal Therapy

Herbal remedies are generally taken orally. Like acupuncture, the aim of herbal therapy is to balance the body with respect to each individual’s unique condition. Because of the focus on balance, sometimes we see results without the side effects that are common with Western medicines. Herbals are often used alongside Western medicines to counteract unwanted side effects, or to allow for more tolerable doses.

Ailments that can benefit from Herbal Therapy:

ArthritisHip dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia
Knee pain and chronic conditions
Neurological Disorders
Intervertebral disk disease
Other spinal conditions
Nerve paralysis
Skin ConditionsAllergies
Dry skin
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Poor appetite
Colitis and Gastritis
Feline hyperthyroidism
Respiratory Problems
Laryngeal paralysis
Urinary Problems
Feline lower urinary tract disease
Recurrent urinary tract infections
Post-operative healing
Cancer pain control
Chemotherapy adjunctive support
Agility performance enhancement
Endocrine/Metabolic Disease
Chronic renal failure
Cushings Disease
Liver disease