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Our Clients' Stories

Dr. McCain's dedication, compassion, patience and quiet manner will set any dog or cat at ease. She is able to calm my very hyper pug, Kira, into a blissful state of relaxation. My pug has liver disease as well as arthritis and the combined approach of herbals, acupuncture plus her liver antioxidants have given her much better quality of life. As a veterinarian myself I highly recommend Dr. McCain and have done so with many of my clients and friends.

Janis Schmidt DVM
Sunnyvale Ca.

My dog had IVDD surgery and his PT recommended Dr. Lina. Dr. Lina is amazing! She has this magical way of relaxing my dog. He seems to trust her more with each session and at his latest session, for the first time ever, he didn’t flinch once with the needles and he laid down at one point, which showed that he was very comfortable. Her technique is gentle, thoughtful and meticulous, and immediately pacifies my dog each time. She has a loving and calm presence, and he is always so happy to see her. My dog also seems to be making great strides in his healing and recovery, for which I certainly give credit to Dr. Lina’s wonderful care!

Tina Y.

Dr. Lina McCain is simply amazing. Our dachshund had IVDD and after the first session, you could literally see the difference. He was being carried everywhere before then and now keeps running around and jumping. He has had no flare-ups since doing regular acupuncture at least once a month (we usually go every three weeks). Dr. McCain's work has greatly increased the happiness and energy of our dog. We see a strong improvement everytime.

Isvari M.

My 15 year old pug Max has been getting acupuncture for several months. It greatly improves his energy, and helps with his back issues and arthritis.  He loves it because he feels great afterwards!
-Penny B

One of our beloved dogs has a rare and lethal tumor disorder that two types of chemo have failed to improve. We began taking our sweet girl to Dr. Lina McCain last summer for acupuncture and herbs while keeping her on Prednisone. During acupuncture treatment her situation stabilized, to our great relief.  We have also been very pleased with Dr. Lina's Covid-19 prevention protocol. As for location, parking and scheduling, it's easy to get to, parking is onsite or adjacent, her schedule is busy but she strives to accommodate clients' needs. Her attention to patient relations and communication is top notch. In total, we've found Dr. Lina to be accessible, helpful, very knowledgeable and skilled and highly ethical.

Maureen L.


Pathways to Healing strives to integrate Eastern and Western approaches to best aid the body in restoring its own natural balance, encouraging each individual to heal as quickly and completely as possible. Mobile services are available in select locations